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Terms and Conditions

All insurance products and services offered in this web site are subject to individual terms and conditions that are readily available for inspection before a purchase is made. You should refer to the terms and conditions relating to a product or service before undertaking a purchase. All Seasons Underwriting Agencies and the organisations providing services and products to All Seasons Underwriting Agencies retain the right to modify these terms and conditions when necessary so you should review them each time you use this web site. In cases of products and services being supplied by an organisation that has entered into an agreement with All Seasons Underwriting Agencies to sell such products and services via this web site any contract arising from a purchase made by you exists between you and that organisation rather than you and All Seasons Underwriting Agencies unless specifically otherwise stated in writing.All Seasons Underwriting Agencies offers a wide range of insurance products and insurance related services for sale on this web site. You are entirely responsible for deciding whether or not to purchase any of these products or services. Whilst this web site will often offer helpful advice on general insurance matters it does not seek to advise you on which particular products and services to purchase or from which particular organisation to purchase them from. If you are in doubt as to whether an insurance product or service offered for purchase on this web site is suitable for your needs or specific requirements please contact the relevant insurer prior to making a purchase. Contact details for all insurers and policies are contained within the terms and conditions relating to a product or service.All Seasons Underwriting Agencies reserve the right to modify the content or format of this web site at any time. All Seasons Underwriting Agencies also reserves the right to change the information on this page if necessary. Please read the contents of this page each time you view this web site. All Seasons Underwriting Agencies does not guarantee the availability of this site nor does it guarantee that the code which constitutes this web site or the material contained within it will operate either fully or in part on any specific computer equipment or in any specific software. There are no elements within this web site that alter any of the configuration or other settings on any machinery used to view the site. All Seasons Underwriting Agencies accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage, either temporary or permanent, occurring to either electronic equipment or software that might occur whilst using this site as any such damage will be deemed to be coincidental.

Money Back Guarantee / Cooling Off Period

If you are not happy with your travel insurance policy, you may return it to All Seasons Underwriting Agencies within 14 days of issue and we will refund your premium in full, provided you have not travelled and no claims have been made. Please contact us on +44 (0)207 4812399 for more details.

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